Why don't you allow cell phones?

One of the common rules at any on-premise club is that cellphone use is prohibited. This rule makes plenty of sense, especially with the advanced photo and video features that smartphones have these days. So I was very surprised to learn that many people often complain about having to put their phones away at on-premise parties.

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Vegas Exchange 2013

Next summer may seem far away, but it’s okay to get excited early for something like this. Vegas Exchange in August 2013 has such an incredible line up you’ll want to mark your calendars now. Touted as “the lifestyle event of the decade”, the convention will feature a schedule full of workshops, theme parties, exhibitors, celebrity guests and more, all in Sin City!

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Thump & Hump

Not too long ago, I posted a fairly negative review of Fifty Shades of Grey. Even though I found the writing simplistic and repetitive, the book was still incredibly popular, and it certainly had a positive effect on many of the women that read it. It is this “effect” that brings me to mention the book again. Many women who may have led more demure sex lives, have found themselves very intrigued by the BDSM play in Fifty Shades. So for this blog post I’d like to give some basic information and tips I’ve dug up for BDSM beginners.

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